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Office Space.

Companies are now decentralising their office headquarters and medium size business also is quickly looking to de-densify their workspaces. Concerned about workforces working from home and increasingly feeling isolated the solution is to offer a range of solutions.
Temporary or flexible office space is the solution in many instances, it allows companies to offer all the amenities of traditional working from work, but with the financial flexibility that does not come with previous fixed term leases and office space overheads.
These flexible contracts allows various technology companies to expand and grow into office spaces and locations. Book meeting spaces only when it is needed and not assign huge amounts of empty occasional used leased offices.

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Office Space
Coworking Membership

Coworking Membership.

Join a thriving network of digital nomads or simply work when and where you choose to. Co working spaces allow you to choose what you need and when you need it.

Choose to work in an open plan space or even a shared office. Book your space by the hour, by the day or monthly to match your task or project.
Choose a different location if you are working on site or out of town. Hot desk in a location of your choice or a dedicated meeting room for your project team for the day.

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Dedicated Desk.

If you prefer the comfort of a dedicated desk and maybe can’t work from home this is for you. A flexible contract for your own dedicated desk space in amazing surroundings inspiring your work type.

You will have use of all the amenities whether for tea and coffee breaks, photocopying or booking meeting space for that special client presentation.

Even of you are working for an employer the ‘commute less’ policy give the company the flexibility to book staff into sites so contact and motivation is on tap in suitable work like surroundings.

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Dedicated Desk
Virtual Office

Virtual Office.

A Virtual office allows small and medium size businesses to benefit from all the advantages of a prestigious address, landline phone number and team support without committing to expensive and long-term dedicated office space.

Many entrepreneurs and independent professionals make the mistake on relying on mobile numbers for the client to contact them on. Even who answers the clients call is important to portray a professional persona.
Virtual office spaces still allow the bookable spaces for those meetings or collaboration with other teams in any location.

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Meeting Rooms.

What can be more important than those board meetings, client presentations or sales meetings. A dedicated prestigious meeting room with state-of-the-art technology and presentation equipment. Audio visual and video conferencing facilities are on hand as are all the refreshments that will be needed to make those meeting impactful.

Bookable One on One Rooms for projects and task related sharing of information, book as and when needed or at any location to suit your business.

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Meeting Rooms