Jump into New Ways of Working and join an interactive workforce, who knows who you will meet and connect with in one of our amazing workplaces.


We will save you time, money and effort by shortlisting sites and even arranging all the viewings for you.

Personal spaces where people can concentrate and be productive working on tasks and individual projects. Intense concentration, quiet space and areas to stimulate creativity.

Informal meeting spaces for large or small group, where ideas can be exchanged and developed. ‘Share’ areas are less formal than traditional meeting rooms, perfect for a quick brainstorm or one to one.

Formal space for presentations and important meetings. Areas where people are inspired. Pitches are won, decisions made, and plans put into action.

Spaces for shared resources and storage. Welcome areas and lobbies for media and literature reading. Areas for printing and collating stationary, samples or shipping items out. Recycling office paperwork and cardboard or metal items.

open and welcome spaces where people can interact or even have that accidental collision of minds and ideas. Collaboration with colleagues or suppliers that just needs a sit down and informal meeting.